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Surveys and Forms Setup

Do you have any sample questions for a survey?
Yes, we have various questions in the Question Library and users can copy any of them into their surveys and forms. To do that, click Insert on the questions list page and select “Question from question library”.

How can I copy a survey to another account?
If you would like to copy the survey to an account different from yours (not your sub accounts) send an email to with the request and we will do it for you.

How can I resize the logo?
After you have uploaded the logo image, drag the sizing handle at the bottom right to change its size. Alternatively, enter an exact width and height in the Image Size area.

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How to launch a survey to the same email address?
By default, only one email survey invitation is possible for each address. Multiple invitations can be sent to the same address using the “Allow duplicate email addresses” option on the Format Data File Page that you can set up for an email launch.

Can I publish a form/survey on my website?
Yes, the option to publish a form or a survey on your website is available on the Launch page.

How can I “close” the survey?
On the Launch page, you can activate the “Set Start and End Dates” checkbox. To “close” the survey, change the End Date to something in the past.

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How can I spell check a report before publishing?
It is not possible to spell check a report. However, most report items are created directly from survey questions. If you used the Spell Check button when creating/editing questions, you can be confident about the spelling in the matching report items.

How can I expand text responses in a report?
Check “Show all text responses” checkbox at the top of the Report Items page.

What does the “Click-through” number mean?
This indicates how many times the survey link has been opened by anyone, regardless of whether or not they started or completed the survey.

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Mobile application

Where can I download the mobile application?
The mobile app is available on both App Store and Google Play.

How do I attach a picture to a response?
Create a “File Upload” question, which allows which allows respondents to submit files from a mobile device along with answers to survey questions.

Does the mobile application work when there is no internet connection?
You can collect responses in the offline mode and upload them to the server when internet connection is available.

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Does WorldAPP have access to my data?
The accounts on our server can be accessed by those in our company with administrative authorization and your permission. If your information is extremely private and confidential, we do have the option of “private label” accounts that are hosted on your own server.

What can I do when the login page says that my account is locked?
Contact our support team or your account manager.

What if I forgot my login name/password?
Use the Forgot Password link on the login page and request a new temporary password.

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